Month: January 2018

A Historic Hitch

I’m an unapologetic fan of the District of Columbia, not only for the arts and culture but also for the history. There’s nothing like turning a random corner and stumbling across a building, monument or statue that honors a key moment in our country’s history. Take this latest find. Outside the New York Avenue Presbyterian …Continue

A “Cheers” of One’s Own

Growing up in the rural Midwest, except for short stints in Washington, D.C., and this metro region, the city always had a magnetic pull for me. I imagined what it must be like to live in a place where right outside your door was everything you could possibly need. Grocery store. Dry cleaners. Restaurants. Book …Continue

National Building Museum and Visual Bliss

The National Building Museum is one of the District’s off-the-beaten-path institutions, a lesser-known gem but always a memorable experience. Its summer exhibit, the most memorable HIVE, generated the kind of kid-related marvel usually reserved for the National Zoo and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. This beehive mountain of vertical tubes of various sizes carried …Continue

A facade of future past

Having worked in one of those curious buildings with a modern interior and an older brownstone skin, I’ve always been attracted to architectural façadism. The process of preserving an established face of a building while constructing a new interior is popular in parts of the District, and there are many successful architectural marriages, including my …Continue

Welcome to the KCG Blog

As you read the KCG blog, you’ll find a few recurring themes–editorial rules of thumb, communications strategies, urban innovation and the District of Columbia. The most prominent topic will likely be our affection and respect for the District, its people, its history and its landscape. We are unapologetic fans of D.C. Our Home Page and …Continue