Month: February 2018

Finding Your Voice

I suppose we all have similar ways of mimicking the sounds and cadences of languages that aren’t our own: for Americans, it’s the “zh-zh-zh” sounds we hear in French sentences, the exaggerated syllable we elongate in every Italian word, the pronounced crispness of each letter as it’s enunciated in German. But how does American English …Continue

Where Words Are Born

The journals of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark have been a treasure trove of natural history in early America, and they have become equal parts map, nature diary and scientific study. The two explorers recorded every object and beast they encountered on their trek across the Louisiana Territory and the West in 1804. At President …Continue

Trying Times

It’s not unusual in the middle of winter to feel a bit dreary about Mother Earth’s decision to cling to cold weather and cloudy days, but these have been times of late that force you to look deeply at your country, your leaders and yourself. This simple but wonderful Ted Eytan photo makes me proud …Continue

In Celebration of Black History Month

The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture is one of those D.C. destinations that generates reverence, joy and anger, and it demands we examine our checkered past in the United States. As we celebrate Black History Month, we celebrate the contributions of African Americans, both noted and average, in our history. …Continue