Month: October 2018

Washington Lawyer Investigates Familial DNA Searches

Check out the story “To Catch a Criminal, Ethics and Privacy Risks in DNA Familial Searches.”¬†Amateur genealogists use popular sites such as MyHeritage, 23andMe, and Ancestry to sleuth out familial DNA matches, unearthing connections to long-lost cousins, coloring in spotty family trees, and discovering ancestral origins. But these sites are unwittingly turning DNA hobbyists into …Continue

Vote…because it matters

For nearly two decades, I covered politics in Michigan and Washington, D.C. It was an exciting, affirming and even heartbreaking experience. I’ve watched politicians shake hands in union halls, at county fairs, at greasy-spoon diners and on the street in the middle of a snowstorm on election eve. I’ve flown in airplanes, rode buses and …Continue

DC Chamber Releases 2018 State of the Business

The DC Chamber of Commerce has released its second annual State of the Business of the District of Columbia report, which looks this year at important factors, such as affordable housing, education and concentrated poverty, that can be hurdles to the long-term prosperity of the District. The report, 2018 State of the Business, documents how …Continue

Discovering the Passions of Your Friends

Most of us have day jobs, and we work away at our “passion vocation” at night and on the weekends, whether it’s ballroom dancing, needle felting, mystery writing or art. One of the wonderful parts of our KCG work is coming across a passion in the lives of our friends and colleagues. During a lunch …Continue