Month: May 2019

Bass Institute for Diversity & Inclusion Conference

Pleased to work this week with the visionary Hilarie Bass and the Bass Institute for Diversity & Inclusion, a nonprofit that works with top corporate and law firm leaders to identify and create effective strategies to retain and elevate more women to senior management. The Bass Institute’s first pioneering conference, Managing Partners Conference on Gender …Continue

Truly Woolly, Fully Woolly

At KCG, every morning, we trade little jewels of marketing or communications that landed in our emails overnight. This morning, Cynthia shared a clever marketing pitch from the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company for its 40th season. Woolly, an eclectic, hip and pioneering theater in downtown D.C., welcomed new artistic director Maria Manuela Goyanes last year, …Continue

Apple Comes to Carnegie

We’ve all marveled at the beauty of Apple’s stores and the simplicity of its architectural design, but Apple has taken it to the next level with its historic renovation of the Carnegie Library on Mount Vernon Square in downtown Washington, D.C. Apple restored the Beaux-Arts style building that was home to D.C.’s Central Public Library. …Continue

All the Beauty and Grandeur of the City

A lot of people shy away from living in the city, feeling that the anonymity of the place is too overwhelming to manage. Certainly, there can be a separateness and even an obscurity in the city, but there can also be intimacy and grandeur. This photo from Ted Eytan opens the window, so to speak, …Continue

Lord Huron Goes Double Platinum

Lord Huron is a band I’m a huge fan of, not only because the guys are tremendous musicians but also because I’ve known the “Lord” since he was a kid. Few things amaze me as much as watching Ben Schneider on stage with his band mates. He was a talented kid and he’s met and …Continue

Glad Linda Greenhouse is Still on the Beat

I know Linda Greenhouse, the former U.S. Supreme Court reporter for the New York Times, is no longer up on the Hill doing day-to-day coverage of the high court, but I’m so pleased to occasionally see her cogent and insightful pieces about its work. Her columns always seem to capture the weight and importance of …Continue

Clever Marketing and Community Building

Whether you love Chihuahuas and dogs or not, the Wharf DC deserves kudos for coming up with a remarkably fun and tongue-in-cheek way to promote its Southwest DC neighborhood. Its Annual Running of the Chihuahuas is one of DC’s cleverest Cinco de Mayo celebrations. This year the contest had 128 Chihuahuas racing for fame and …Continue

Federal City Council Releases Spring/Summer Catalyst

The Federal City Council (FC2), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of civic life in the nation’s capital, recognizes that improvements in the District of Columbia’s social, economic and physical infrastructure require innovative, tireless work–and they definitely walk the talk. ​Twice a year, it publishes a Catalyst magazine, a project that KCG is proud …Continue

Thought Leadership: CNN Column with James Bailey

Pleased to work with Dr. James Bailey on this co-written column for the CNN website about the Milken Institute Global Conference. The column considered how CEOs navigate a changing world filled with volatility and uncertainty. We concluded that today’s top executives need to be more responsive and authentic with investors, employees and the public than …Continue