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Making a Brand Audit

Working with the great team at Analyticx, KCG has supported the research and creation of a Brand Audit for the Office of Alumni Affairs within the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in the U.S. Department of State. The Office does a lot of great work in assisting exchange alumni around the world, and we …Continue

Supporting the IEF

KCG is supporting the global work of the International Energy Forum and its Secretary General, HE Joseph McMonigle, as the organization engages its 70 members from producing and consuming nations to examine energy issues including oil and gas, clean and renewable energy, sustainability, energy transitions and new technologies, and data transparency as well as providing …Continue

Truly Woolly, Fully Woolly

At KCG, every morning, we trade little jewels of marketing or communications that landed in our emails overnight. This morning, Cynthia shared a clever marketing pitch from the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company for its 40th season. Woolly, an eclectic, hip and pioneering theater in downtown D.C., welcomed new artistic director Maria Manuela Goyanes last year, …Continue

Is Reading Going the Way of the Dodo?

Author Michael Harris asks a disturbing question for those of us who love to read books and explore the Internet: Have I forgotten how to read? In this intriguing Globe and Mail piece, Harris wonders whether his time spent on the web is making it harder for him to sit down and read the old-fashioned way, …Continue

Write a Memo, Take Action

Iconic businessman David Ogilvy had good advice for writers in agencies and offices, issuing a 10-point list of tips for how writers could improve and elevate their work. On September 7th, 1982, Ogilvy sent a memo to Ogilvy Mather agency employees, titled “How to Write”, and it was later republished in the 1986 collection The Unpublished David Ogilvy. …Continue

Finding Your Voice

I suppose we all have similar ways of mimicking the sounds and cadences of languages that aren’t our own: for Americans, it’s the “zh-zh-zh” sounds we hear in French sentences, the exaggerated syllable we elongate in every Italian word, the pronounced crispness of each letter as it’s enunciated in German. But how does American English …Continue

National Building Museum and Visual Bliss

The National Building Museum is one of the District’s off-the-beaten-path institutions, a lesser-known gem but always a memorable experience. Its summer exhibit, the most memorable HIVE, generated the kind of kid-related marvel usually reserved for the National Zoo and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. This beehive mountain of vertical tubes of various sizes carried …Continue

Welcome to the KCG Blog

As you read the KCG blog, you’ll find a few recurring themes–editorial rules of thumb, communications strategies, urban innovation and the District of Columbia. The most prominent topic will likely be our affection and respect for the District, its people, its history and its landscape. We are unapologetic fans of D.C. Our Home Page and …Continue