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Thank you, CityCenterDC

CityCenterDC delivers what must be the brightest, retro promotional video that D.C. has ever seen as part of its “District of Joy” campaign. Part ’60s homage, part Austin Powers doppelgänger, this video of dancers in primary colors and memorable wigs sashaying around CityCenterDC conveys the message: we’re smart, we’re stylish, we’re fabulous. I don’t even …Continue

A bit of London in Washington, D.C.

The District of Columbia is an international city, even though it can be a very small and quiet town. But there are times when it even looks like a global community, albeit depending on your particular view. This iconic photo could have been taken in some quiet corner of London’s Notting Hill neighborhood, but it …Continue

Washington Lawyer: The Ripple Effects of the Women’s Wave

Whether you call it the Year of the Woman or the “pink wave,” the recent transformation in the composition of the U.S. Congress promises to be both substantive and emblematic, a reshaping of American politics that will likely continue for years, if not decades, to come. As the new class of women members was sworn …Continue

Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District Annual Report

We were pleased to contribute to the production of the Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District (BID) annual report. The BID provides place management services that assist in creating a neighborhood that is clean, safe, accessible, unique, friendly, and vibrant. It actively collaborates and forms partnerships to achieve the vision for the neighborhood—a new downtown on …Continue

Washington Lawyer: Coping & the Road to Wellness

For attorney Emily K. Morris, life has been an adventure, whether she’s closing big real estate and economic development deals for the D.C. government, opening her own law firm, zip lining through a dense forest, or flying through the air on the trapeze. Yes, a trapeze. Read more.

Thought Leadership: James Bailey’s CNN Column on Celebrity Leaders

Pleased to work with Dr. James Bailey on a column for the CNN website on how charismatic corporate leaders become global cultural icons. They capture the zeitgeist with edifying TED Talks, best-selling autobiographies and social media presences that rival those of rock stars. But recent disruptions in the tech industry suggest that corporate celebrity may …Continue

Washington Lawyer: DC Bar Pro Bono Center Turns 40

Individuals and families living in poverty are more vulnerable to the destabilizing consequences of landlord–tenant disasters, whether facing owners who refuse to repair their properties, skirmishing with landlords who want to sell out to developers, or being evicted for failing to pay their rent. Legal representation in these cases often means the difference between eviction …Continue

Washington Lawyer Explores Smart Cities & the Law

Smart Cities, Uneven Safeguards The Washington Lawyer, the D.C. Bar’s monthly magazine, explores the legal implications for so-called smart cities technologies that promise convenience but may cost citizens some of their privacy. In this article from KCG’s Sarah Kellogg, the Washington Lawyer explores how smart cities are raising alarms about data collection even as the …Continue

A Welcome End to the Election Season

I suspect that I’m not the only one who is is ready to have the 2018 election season come to an end. In fact, it seems like the 2016 cycle barely ended before the 2018 cycle began. And you can already see the 2020 presidential contest on the horizon, unfortunately. With so much at stake, …Continue