Author Michael Harris asks a disturbing question for those of us who love to read books and explore the Internet: Have I forgotten how to read? In this intriguing Globe and Mail piece, Harris wonders whether his time spent on the web is making it harder for him to sit down and read the old-fashioned way, with a book. Tons of studies support the notion that our reading habits and concentration patterns are changing as a result of surfing and sampling on the web. “When we become cynical readers – when we read in the disjointed, goal-oriented way that online life encourages – we stop exercising our attention. We stop reading with a sense of faith that some larger purpose may be served,” writes Harris. It’s a good thought to consider as we set aside our books and turn to our iPads and smartphones. What could be the long-term effects of our inability to read deeply, both on books and on the web This inviting photo of the new addition at Politics & Prose on Connecticut Avenue, NW, reminds us that books are magnetic and magical.