As you read the KCG blog, you’ll find a few recurring themes–editorial rules of thumb, communications strategies, urban innovation and the District of Columbia. The most prominent topic will likely be our affection and respect for the District, its people, its history and its landscape. We are unapologetic fans of D.C.

Our Home Page and Blog present a series of great photos taken by D.C. photographer and physician Ted Eytan. They are indelible images of the District and many of its popular murals. Some of the murals are famous, such as the iconic Elizabeth Taylor in Shaw, and others are hidden away in secret corners in their neighborhoods.

We’ll also use our blog to explore everything from clever sandwich boards in Cleveland Park to the finer points of grammar and punctuation. We’ll probably even get into a debate about the relative value of the AP Stylebook versus the Chicago Manual of Style. And don’t get us started on serial commas.

We’ll noodle around with issues that intrigue us, things we stumble across in our daily lives and general communications and project concerns that come up in the work we do. It’s not a stream of consciousness but rather a thoughtful exploration of the things we care deeply about and hope you do, too.